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Polar Satellite

"Perfect Storm" Damage Summary

October 1991

GOES Satellite

Halloween Storm at Peak Intensity
Visible Image: 12 UTC October 30 1991
State Damage Totals
State Total Damages
New Jersey (Southern)$75,000,000
New York/ NJ (Northern)$10,000,000's
North Carolina$6,700,000
New Hampshire$5,600,000

State Damage Description
StateStorm Character Number of
Deaths / Injuries
State Summaries
MassachusettsCoastal Flood
High Winds
0 / 2
25 foot waves atop high tide 4 feet above normal.
Damage rivaled or worse than "Blizzard of 1978." Tide at Boston only 1 foot less than Blizzard.
Most severe damage from north of Cape Ann to Nantucket. 78 mph peak gust at Chatham.
Many roads closed due to coastal flooding. Hundreds evacuated.
Over 100 homes destroyed or severly damaged at Marshfield, North Beach, Brant Point.
Heavy rain over 3-day period just south of Boston.
Federal Disaster Counties: Barnstable, Dukes, Nantucket, Essex, Plymouth, Norfolk, and Suffolk.
New Jersey (Southern)Tidal Flood 0 / 0
Greatest tidal departures of record of winter storms.
Tide heights exceeded only by Hurricane of 1944.
Extensive ocean front and back bay flooding. Roadways flooded. Severe beach erosion.
New York /Northern New JerseyCoastal Flood 3 / 0
Most damage to coastal sections since Hurricane of 1944.
Homes, boats, roads, beaches, seawalls destroyed.
Numeorus boats damaged or destroyed at their berths.
Three boats sunk on Long Island Sound (All on board rescued).
Tidal flooding on Hudson River near Kingston (Ulster County).
Boat capsized off Staten Island drowning two. Man fishing from bridge either blown or swept away.
MaineOcean Storm 0 /2
Southern areas hardest hit: High tide +3.4 feet in addition to 15- to 30-foot waves.
49 homes severely damaged, 2 destroyed. Lighthouses damaged.
Lobster trap losses in the thousands of dollars.
Significant flooding of homes. Telephone poles and lines knocked down by winds.
Federal Disaster Counties: Cumberland, Lincoln, Knox, Sagadahoc, and York.
North CarolinaCoastal Flood 0 / 0
Waves 10-15 feet high and ocassional winds of 35-45 mph for five days.
525 houses and 28 businesses damaged.
New HampshireOcean Storm 0 / 0
Street flooding in several towns.
2 homes destroyed, others damaged. Isle of Shoals lighthouse damaged.
10,000 lobster traps in Rye Harbor lost or destroyed.
Harbor boat destroyed, two other boats damaged. Boat docks, piers destroyed.
Federal Disater County: Rockingham.
FloridaHigh Winds 0 / 14
Lake Worth Pier collapsed. 14 minor injuries.
2 homes damaged. Minor beach erosion and flooding.
Rhode Island
High Winds
Coastal Flood
1(?)/ 0
Sikorsky Airport at Bridgeport closed for several hours.
Coastal flooding. Wind gusts of 63 mph at Newport. Power outages.
Fisherman swept off rocks at Narragansett (RI) by surf and presumed drowned.
Tidal Flooding 0 / 0
Tides comparable to those of March, 1962. Record high tide of 7.8 feet at Ocean City
Moderate to severe beach erosion. Boardwalks damaged. Homes/businesses suffered water damage.
10 homes and bridge damaged at Sandbridge Beach (VA)
Puerto RicoFlood 1 / 0
Swells 15 feet high on north coast.
One person died after being swept off a rock by heavy surf.
Department of Housing gave shelter to 32 people.

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