Anastasios Tsonis

Cambridge University Press, 2002
182 pp, b/n, brossura
ISBN: 0521796768

A Short Course in Atmospheric Thermodynamics is a self-contained, concise but rigorous book introducing the reader to the basics of the subject. Introductory chapters provide basic definitions and some useful mathematical and physical notes. Following a treatment of the fundamental laws of classical thermodynamics, the book describes topics including the properties of moist air and atmospheric stability. Thermodynamic diagrams are used as tools in the forecasting of storm development. In the final chapter the author introduces the problem of weather prediction and the relevance of thermodynamics. Anastasios Tsonis has taught atmospheric thermodynamics at undergraduate level for 15 years and is a highly respected researcher in the field. This book provides an ideal text for short courses taken as part of an atmospheric science, meteorology, physics or natural science program.

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