Editori: Árni Snorasson, Helga P. Finnsdóttir,  Marshall E. Moss 

, 2002
394 + xiv pp, b/n, brossura
ISBN 1-901502-66-X

Extreme floods are among the most destructive forces of nature; there is a perception that they are occurring with higher frequency now than in the past. This is a cause for international concern and calls for an understanding of the circumstances that might generate such disastrous events.

This was the motive for the Reykjavík symposium on extraordinary floods, the Extremes of the Extremes, co-convened by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) and the Hydrological Service in Iceland; this publication is an outcome of that meeting.

The main focus of the papers included in this volume is the geophysical processes related to floods, but the statistical and mathematical aspects of flood analysis and forecasting are also addressed, and the issues of flooding and flood abatement are put into economic, social and ethical perspective. The 60 papers in this volume have been grouped under the following themes:

– Physical processes related to floods interplay of snow and ice with rain and temperature— intense mountain precipitation in semiarid areas—glacial outburst floods—volcanic activity and the flood at Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland, 1996 

– Prehistoric and historic floods catastrophic floods in Iceland—floods during the North American glaciation—extreme floods on Mars

– Floods: case studies from around the world, from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean to Norway

– Geomorphological and environmental questions related to floods focusing on glacial floods 

– Statistical analysis and forecasting of floods extreme value analysis—multivariate considerations—forecasting: theoretical and methodological viewpoints—practicalities of forecasting and flood zone mapping—climate variability and change 

– Predictability and abatement of floods the fundamental nature of extreme events—how society does and should deal with the threat of flood hazards 

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