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Risk type: glacier flood (contain both lakes and water pocket)

Glacier list | Statistics

Type:  Cirque glacier
Country:  Italy
Region:  Piemonte
Massif/Ice Cap:  Levanne-Gura
Municipality:  Groscavallo
Municipality code:  
Latitude (░, cent):  5.017 N
Longitude (░, cent):  7.17289 E
Surface (km2):  0.46
Lenght (km):  1.1
Width (km):  
Min. altitude (m):  2400
Max. altitude (m):  3200
Orientation (░)  45
Slope (░)  15

EVENT:  Date  24/9/1993 -  Date quality:   

Type:  Moraine collapse
Description  After three days of very heavy rain, an enormous collapse involved the LIA moraine of Southern Mulinet glacier. The event occurred in the afternoon (between 4 and 6 P.M.). In the upper, small valley of Bramafam stream (2525 m) a great incision formed in the moraine, 450 m long, till 200 m wide and 40-50 m deep. A 200 m tract of the right LIA morain collapsed too.
Effects:  The huge mass of debris, rocks and water (800.000 m3) propagated along Bramafam stream, and then along Gura stream, reaching the plain of Gias Gaby huts, flooding it. Debris covered this plain in a wide surface (about 400.000 m2) with a layer 1.5-2 m thick; during the event the herdsmen refuged on the roof, while water and rocks were flooding all the lands around their huts. The debris flow severely damaged also the village of Forno Alpi Graie: Stura di Valgrande river changed its stream, streets and meadows were covered by debris till 4-5 m thick; road, aqueduct and sewages were swept away; the ground floor of houses was invaded by water and debris. The debris-flow stopped just below Forno Alpi Graie, 4.5 km far from its beginning.
Deaths(#)  0
Injuried (#)  0


Type:  Buildings Description:
Type:  Farmland, fertile land Description:
Type:  Others Description:
Type:  Roads Description:


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