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Risk type: glacier flood (contain both lakes and water pocket)

Glacier list | Statistics

Type:  Ice sheet
Country:  Italy
Region:  Lombardia
Massif/Ice Cap:  Bernina
Municipality code:  
Latitude (░, cent):  6.017 N
Longitude (░, cent):  9.85 E
Surface (km2):  6.16
Lenght (km):  4
Width (km):  1.8
Min. altitude (m):  2520
Max. altitude (m):  3400
Orientation (░)  90
Slope (░)  12

EVENT:  Date  10/8/1927 -  Date quality:   

Type:  Glacier flood (contain both lakes and water pocket)
Description  Emptying of the marginal lake (Seracchi Lake - also called Orsi lake - 500.000 m3), during the night between 9 and 10 August. The velocity of the water flow was about 20 km/h, and Sondrio was reached at the sunrise. Water outburst through a leak at the base of ice wall. The maximum flood was estimated about 200 m3/s during half an hour.
Effects:  The flood destroyed Alpe Campascio and seven bridges. The iron-dam of Lanzada (SocietÓ Elettrica Lombarda), 360 quintal weight, was swept away through 300 m; a phone-call of the warden allowed to save another dam 10 km far. Alpe Campascio was damaged too. The flood of Mallero river reached 7 m somewhere in the valley, destroying also a mill in Tornadri village (near Lanzada), and two lathe in Valbrutta. The street between Chiesa and Lanzada was swept away. All the fishes living in Mallero river died.
Deaths(#)  0
Injuried (#)  0


Type:  Buildings Description:
Type:  Others Description:
Type:  Roads Description:


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EVENT:  Date  7/8/1924 -  Date quality:   

Type:  Glacier flood (contain both lakes and water pocket)
Description  At the beginning of XX century, a small lake (Lago dei Seracchi) formed at the right side of the tongue, and increased in the next years. Water was dammed by the ice in a side. The lake partially outbursted in the night between 6 and 7 August.
Effects:  The flood was noticed by inhabitants of the valley during the night, but it didn't cause damages.
Deaths(#)  0
Injuried (#)  0


Type:  None Description:


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