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Risk type: glacier flood (contain both lakes and water pocket)

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Type:  Cirque glacier
Country:  France
Region:  Haute Savoie
Massif/Ice Cap:  Mont Blanc
Municipality code:  
Location:  Little glacier situated between the glaciers of Bionnassay and of the Griaz. It looks directly on the town of St-Gervais-les-Bains
Latitude (°, cent):  51.15
Longitude (°, cent):  6.49
Surface (km2):  0.12
Lenght (km):  6
Width (km):  
Min. altitude (m):  2950
Max. altitude (m):  3260
Orientation (°)  
Slope (°)  27

EVENT:  Date  11/7/1892 -  Date quality:   

Description  a water pocket of 200.000 m3 has outburst, ejecting an ice plug of 90.000 m3, during the emptying,. This enormous water and ice mass has rushed down the corridor of the Bossonney. Then it has been transformed progressively in a mud-flow, going to the average speed of 14 m/s. More than 600.000 m3 of materials have been left in a few ten minutes only.
Effects:  2 of the 5 buildings of the thermal establishment of St Gervais have been destroyed, and also 8 houses of the village of the Fayet ; nearly 200 persons have been killed (175 deaths and about 20 missing).
Deaths(#)  195
Injuried (#)  0
Note  This tragic event has been detailed on several occasions, so the global quality of this information is very good, and well-detailed


Type:   Description:


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