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10 Settembre 2004






La Royal Meteorological Society informa che sono aperte le iscrizioni alla borsa di studio Rupert Ford per viaggi studio all'estero per giovani studiosi di meteorologia. Le sottoscrizioni sono valide fino al 31 Dicembre 2004. Segue il bando della borsa.

The Royal Meteorological Society is pleased to call for applications for the Rupert Ford Travel Awards for Young Scientists for 2004/5. The Society has been asked to administer the Rupert Ford Fund which has been set up by his family, friends and colleagues to honour the name of the late Dr Rupert Ford, whose brilliant scientific career was cruelly cut short by illness. The Fund will be used to sponsor travel by outstanding young scientists from any part of the world to enable them to undertake research work or study in meteorology or associated physical oceanography (air-sea interaction) at a centre of excellence outside their own countries.

Applications are now invited for the Rupert Ford Awards for 2004/5 from scientists who will be 30 years of age or less on 31 December 2005. Applications must be made on forms available from the Royal Meteorological Society and must reach the Society’s offices by 1700 GMT on Friday 31st December 2004. Applicants do NOT need to be members of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Full details of eligibility for the Award are available from the Society and can be found on . All applications must include a description of the work to be undertaken and an assessment of its relevance and importance, a clear statement at an appropriate level from the Institution where the work is to be done indicating acceptance of the applicant for a short term research or study placement, and a statement of support from a senior academic colleague (Head of Department or Professor) in the applicant’s research field.

The awards are competitive and dependent upon the quality of the applications. Applications will be assessed and award decisions made by a panel of distinguished scientists set up for the purpose. Up to three awards may be made in 2004/5 but there is no mandate to offer any awards in any given year. The value of each award for 2004/5 will be of the order of £3,000 ($4,500 or Eu4,700).

Applications may be made at any time in the next twelve months, but funds are limited and early application is advisable. In any case, to allow time for applications to be processed, they must be made at least three months before the intended starting date of the travel to be undertake

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