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Non-profit association, member of  EMS- European Meteorological Societies. 
Via Real Collegio 30, 10024 Moncalieri TO, Italy
Tel. +39-0122 641726  E-mail: info@nimbus.it   Website:http://www.nimbus.it/  

About us
The Italian Meteorological Society (SMI - SocietÓ Meteorologica Italiana Onlus) is a non-profit association, joining about 1500 members among professionals, scientists, users and amateurs of meteorology and atmospheric sciences. It is the widest italian association in this sector. It acts over the whole italian territory and preserve a strict liason with Subalpine Meteorological Society (SMS- SocietÓ Meteorologica Subalpina).  SMI promote and encourage the development and the knowledge of atmospheric sciences in Italy. SMI is member of UniMet (Unione Meteorologia Italiana) and of European Meteorological Society.

The history
The roots of SocietÓ Meteorologica Italiana are based in a past of great scientific value and far-sighted approach. In 1865 the brilliant meteorologist religious from order of Barnabiti,  Father Francesco Denza, conceived at the Moncalieri Observatory (near Turin , 267 m, 44 59 N, 7 41 E, still operating and now directed by SMI President) the first associative nucleous, named "Corrispondenza meteorologica Alpino-Appennina", which published the monthly journal "Bullettino Mensuale" .

After about 15 years of intense activity in publishing, mostly part of italian scientists joined together with Father Denza, founding more than 200 meteorological observatories especially located in mountain area. Intense international relationship were achieved. In 1880 this  association  evolve in  "Associazione Meteorologica Italiana" (Italian Meteorological Association). Its statute was born in Turin the 3th september 1880, with the presence of a lot of italian scientists. 

Years and years of intense activity took the SMI to gain a main role of leadership in the italian meteorological panorama. Unfortunately, with the death of Father Denza (december 1894), the association began a slow decline, which  took it to complete death after the Second World War.  

In  1993, taking the inspiration from the work of Father Denza, started in Turin the Subalpine Meterological Society, non-profit association for the development and diffusion of meteorological, climatological and glaciological knowledge about western Alps. These goals were meet mainly with the publishing of Nimbus Journal, the ideal continuation of the ancient "Bullettino" of Father Denza. 

During these years , although  the cronical lack of money and means typical of non-lucrative, non-governamental organization, the SMS became a point of aggregation for the italian meteorological information, otherwise spread over a large number of independent actors.  

To enphasize more and more this aggregation role, in November 2000 the Italian Meteorological Society (SMI) has been re-founded. SMS is a founder member of SMI. Nimbus journal became the official journal of the association. SMS continues his work locally focused on northwest Italy, as a local section of SMI. 

The mission
The main goal for SMI is to promote the study of italian meteorology, and to spread knowledge of  meteorology and atmospheric sciences among the people. 

The main activities of SMI  are devoted to re-create an aggregation and a reference point, able to join again the italian meteorology, which today lives a period of confusing fragmentation .

The SMI logo represent mountains, waves of the Mediterranean sea and wind arount the mountain area, as a symbol for athmospheric elements.

The activities
The main activities of the Society are:

- popularisation of meteorology
- lectures on meteorology and climatology in schools
- articles in newspapers and magazines
- appearance in radio and TV programmes
- publishing activities: the Nimbus Journal.

How to join us
To join us it is sufficient to pay the annual member fee of ITL 80.000 - EU 41,31 (special fee for people ouside Italy). All the members receive, free of charge, the Nimbus Journal, and can partecipate to association's activities. The payment can be accomplished by credit card VISA-MASTERCARD-EUROCARD. To order

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Our address:

SocietÓ Meteorologica Italiana
Castello Borello
10053 Bussoleno TO

Our numbers: 

Telephone: +39 0122 641726
Fax: +39 0122 641914

Our E-mail: info@nimbus.it

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